Wealth management in Lausanne

Gestion de patrimoine Lausanne: our network of bankers (asset managers, financial analysts, credit managers, SME and corporate managers), insurers, real estate experts, tax experts, lawyers and financial planners is a structure comparable to a “human-sized” family office. Our organization can easily be compared to the wealth management of large fortunes and allows us to respond to you in an efficient manner.

A global approach
Neutral advice
Customized solutions

The advantages of working with a wealth management consultant in Lausanne

By choosing to entrust the management of your assets to independent experts, you put all the chances on your side to increase the value of your property. Indeed, by trusting LGH & Associates, you will benefit from :

  • A global approach to the management of your assets;
  • Neutral and impartial advice;
  • Tailor-made solutions in line with your objectives and your situation.

Do you want to unload a time-consuming job and gain the freedom to fully dedicate yourself to your professional and family responsibilities?

LGH & Associés is at your service whether you are in the canton of Vaud, in Valais, in Geneva, Fribourg, Neuchâtel, Lausanne or elsewhere in Switzerland. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Wealth management advice

LGH & Associés offers personalized advice for individuals. Thanks to our extensive market experience and our wide network of partners, we are able to advise you in the following areas

  • Building your savings
  • Reducing your tax burden
  • Real estate investment
  • Transmission of your assets
  • Preparing for your retirement
  • Optimization of your borrowing capacity

Do you want to secure your family’s future, prepare for your retirement or establish a strategy for your long-term investment? Our wealth management consultants in Lausanne are at your side to help you realize your life projects.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get results whatever your financial profile is!

We are recruiting

We are looking for asset managers interested in leaving their bank
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Why trust us?

LGH & Associés has been a wealth expert for 30 years. Recognized for our skills and values throughout French-speaking Switzerland and the rest of Switzerland, we offer solutions and products adapted to your needs.

So here’s what makes us unique:

  • Our maximum discretion: confidentiality is our DNA;
  • Our independence: we find the best solutions to serve your interests;
  • Our availability and our reactivity;
  • Our attentive listening;
  • Our many years of experience.

Do you need a financial advisor to manage your assets in Lausanne? Our experts are at your service to help you realize your life projects. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Our methodology

Assessing your situation

By starting with an exchange of ideas, by listening to your concerns and by popularizing the various problems you have to face (sometimes complicated by certain establishments in order to enhance their products), we clarify the individual needs in order to allow you to clearly understand the stakes and to arrive at the best strategic choices.

Analysis by our specialists

Audit by our network of bankers (asset managers, financial analysts, credit managers, SME and corporate managers), insurance experts, real estate experts, tax experts, lawyers and financial planners is a structure comparable to a "human-sized" family office. Our organization can easily be compared to the asset management of large fortunes or the management of your company's capital, and enables us to respond to your needs efficiently.

Optimization proposal and quote

We'll present you with the results of our specialists' evaluations and analyses, and help you make the right choices. Our solutions as well as our products allow you to benefit from our structure while keeping your relationships with your bank or your other providers. You benefit from transparent pricing, budgeted services, and fees negotiated directly by LGH with its various service providers.

Implementation of the solution(s)

After validation, we implement the different solutions. Together we set deadlines for each of our goals to improve follow-up.

Performance / risks / costs

We do not limit ourselves to the assets you entrust to us, but include in our thinking the whole of your assets. This approach allows us to take a global view. If, for example, you entrust us with the management of a securities portfolio, we define its importance and function together. Is it a simple liquidity reserve or does it represent a major part of your assets? Such a global vision allows us to control the overall risk for your assets. Moreover, it leads us naturally to a number of other considerations, in particular tax and inheritance, generating risk-free performance.

Follow-up / monitoring

Your wealth evolves throughout your life, influenced positively or negatively by your various private or professional situations, but also by changes in the law and the markets. We (LGH and our partners) have the expertise and the overview. As soon as an opportunity arises, we will notify you! It is unfortunate that you only act when you meet with your advisors. Tracking your business and monitoring your assets allows you to anticipate and make the right decisions, which will ultimately lead to sustainable wealth creation.

Wealth management Lausanne

Frequently asked questions

Wealth management consists of managing a client’s portfolio (individual or company) while asset management encompasses all of the client’s investments (real estate, collections, life insurance, etc.)

Any doubt? Our professional consultants are at your disposal. Please contact us!

Our wealth management consultants in Lausanne are remunerated in different ways depending on the services they provide:

  • Portfolio management: management mandate fees
  • Pension: commission paid by the insurance company with which we have signed a partnership contract
  • Real estate: business referral commission paid by the partner bank or insurance company
  • Legal advice: commission paid by our external partner
  • Family Office: percentage of total assets under management
  • Other services: transparent billing of hours worked

In their role as wealth managers, they can help you to :

  • Investing in real estate
  • Anticipating your succession
  • Reduce your taxes
  • Preparing for your retirement
  • Making your money work for you

Do you have any doubts about managing your assets in Lausanne? Our experts are at your disposal to answer all your questions.

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